Ergonomics & Wellness in the Workplace

Amazing fact: The happier your employees, the more successful your company becomes. The more companies succeed, the faster the economy grows. Happy and valued employees are more creative, productive and dedicated than their unhappy counterparts. The bonus part? They’re more likely to promote your company culture to their family and friends and stick with the company for a long time. The question is - How do you achieve this in a fun, cost-efficient and manageable way? Studies show that workplaces that fail to prioritize their employees’ wellbeing lose 45-70 days of productivity each year. This also means an increase in sick leaves and employee turn-over. It is never too late to understand the dynamics of the various programs available for corporate workplace. Companies should make sure that they have the wellbeing of their important assets in mind. This year’s theme “For healthier workforce and a more productive Philippines” will emphasize on educating the private companies on how they can successfully apply various wellness and ergonomic programs to increase the productivity of their employees.

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